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The Sunday Times, Ireland – August 5, 2001

The Sunday Times, culture, cover story, 2001


by Medb Ruane

The disturbing Work of Helnwein comes to Ireland Helnwein is a headline artist who works in tight sound bites on a very large scale. The works brand themselves with proof of his technical know-how in various media and are endorsed by the coolest celebrities of his generation. So much for the cover-story, so what lies within? Headlines lure you into stories that make you want to cry, smile or help to change the world. But when they stop at your own skin, you can get a sinking feeling, a sense of the bigness and badness outside and the impossibility of change.

The Sunday Times, culture, cover story, 2001

Gottfried Helnwein, Installation and one-man show at the Kilkenny Art Festival 2001
05.Aug.2001 THE SUNDAY TIMES, Ireland Medb Ruane
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